An Indispensable Tool in Every Kitchen to Help Complete the Peeling of Vegetables and Fruits!

Cooking is a simple task. It can be mastered with proper practice. Learning how to cook and cooking dishes is not a difficult task. But there are many challenges a person faces while cooking. One needs to be quick and efficient when cooking to save time. after all, there are so many chores to finish in a day and one doesn’t need to waste the day cooking.

One such challenge every person faces while cooking is chopping and peeling vegetables and fruits. Kitchen essentials are significant in helping a person to complete the task easily. The mesh used in the filter is deep and is a marvel of our best in class manufacturing. Even when not in use, the kitchen strainer is built with hook design which makes it easy to hang. The strainer’s sleek and clean design choice makes it eye-catching and wonderful display pieces. It enhances the beauty of a well-maintained kitchen despite minimalism. A multi-purpose kitchen peeler device is a useful product that helps a person to peel fruits and vegetables easily and quickly so they can be put in a dish one is preparing. This product saves time and hassles one faces while chopping and peeling. 

In this article, we will be introducing a multi-purpose kitchen peeler device for peeling purposes.

Let us see what the product is all about…

Multi-Purpose Kitchen Peeler Device

Everybody somehow has at least a couple of ‘restaurant only’ dishes which the tool supersedes with ease. Hence it is a suit all variety product which never fails to impress. A multi-purpose kitchen peeler device is a beneficial product that comes under the health and fitness category products. This kitchen peeler device is made up of stainless steel that ensures the longevity of the device while making sure it does not get dull or lose its sharpness. It is used for the peeling of thin-skinned vegetables and fruits. It has a two-in-one design that functions as a peeler as well as a grater. 

The multi-purpose kitchen peeler device ensures an easy, fast and efficient method for peeling or grating. The surface of the peeler is safe and anti-skid. The package includes one stainless steel peeler. The product is easy to handle and comes with a hanging hook. 

Purchase your Multi-Purpose Kitchen Peeler Device today.


  • Certification SGS
  • Model Number AB1160925MM
  • Feature Stocked
  • Type Peeler
  • Color Sliver
  • Size Approx.18 x 8.8 cm / 7 x 3.5 inch
  • Features 1 2 in 1 design functions as a peeler and a grater
  • Features 2 Easy, fast and efficient for peeling or grating
  • Features 3 Safe and anti-skid surface


  • A multi-purpose kitchen peeler device has an ergonomic handle and does not slip away easily.
  • It lessens the possibility of cuts from the knives.
  • It can peel thick-skinned vegetables and fruits.
A hand holding a glass of orange juice


  • A multi-purpose kitchen peeler device if kept unclean can cause rusting on the blade, therefore, reducing its sharpness.
  • Rusting of the blade can also lead to the growth of bacteria.


A multi-purpose kitchen peeler device is a very productive device. It is a highly recommended product and can be used daily. It can be washed and reused which ensures the longevity of the product. You will not regret using this.

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