Blood Sugar Levels and Black Seed Oil

blood sugar levels

Diabetes has easily become the new scare of the millennium! We have all come across someone in our life suffering from diabetes. This unfortunate condition often makes such people unable to indulge in sweets, carbs, and other delicious foods. The sugar content in these foods causes the sugar content in their blood to spike up leading to problems.

Diabetes needs to be monitored and checked at the earliest. A delay might lead to the risk of cardiovascular disease in the body. Diabetes also meddles with the skin, kidneys, eyes and the nervous system. It may also lead to erectile dysfunction in some men. This medical condition is getting popular today with even children and teens being diagnosed with it.

The Good News!

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But I guess that is enough to alarm and alert you! The good news is that diabetes is curable with proper diagnosis at the right time. There are some easily available kitchen ingredients too which can work wonders in curing your elevated glucose levels.

One such magical ingredient is the black cumin seed oil, also commonly known as the black seed oil. According to a study conducted in 2017, it was revealed that regular consumption of black seed oil over time helped to reduce HbA1c – the average blood glucose levels. This oil helps increase insulin production, decreases insulin resistance, decreases intestinal insulin absorption and also stimulates cellular activity.

Whoa, whoa! With so many amazing benefits of black seed oil, you might be wondering, shouldn’t it be prescribed by doctors for treating diabetes?

Let’s Know More about Black Seed Oil

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Popularly used in Indian kitchens, Nigella Sativa, Black seeds or Kalonji (in Hindi) have a distinct and aromatic taste. These are generally sprinkled over flatbreads and also used as tempering for dals and curries.

But when it comes to the health benefits of black seeds, they are not that well-known. These seeds are rich in potassium, protein, fiber as well as healthy fats, amino acids, and antioxidants.

Black Seed Oil Uses

Black seed oil is a cold-pressed oil extracted from these seeds. Its best use is for regulating blood sugar levels in diabetics.

Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Black seed oil helps in regulating blood sugar levels. Adding this oil in a diabetic diet daily has shown improvement in fasting and average levels of blood sugar.

Fights Inflammation

When a person has hyperglycemia or increased blood sugar levels, the inflammation in the body also rises. Research has proved that the consumption of black seed oil in your daily diet can reduce inflammation symptoms in the body and reduce oxidative stress too. This in turn, also helps to check further complications in the body arising due to inflammation.

Regulates Cholesterol Levels

The risk of heart disease is quite high in diabetic patients. Owing to this condition, the levels of good cholesterol or High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) also reduce and bad cholesterol or Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) shoots up. By consuming black seed oil improve the levels of good cholesterol as they are loaded with poly- and mono-unsaturated fatty acids.

Improves Minerals in the Body

Diabetic patients are generally deficient in potassium mineral which helps in maintaining blood pressure. Black seed oil is rich in potassium and its regular consumption helps in maintaining its levels. Moreover, the black seed oil is also rich in iron and immunity-boosting Vitamin-C. Both of these are important for the overall health of a diabetic patient.

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