Chinese Food For Diabetic Patients That Can Help Them Stay Strong

chinese food for diabetic

Diabetics are recommended to avoid consuming Chinese food. Since they are rich in calories, salt, fat, and carbohydrates, they may substantially boost blood sugar levels. But with a few basic tips and substitutes, any diabetic will be able to enjoy Chinese meals as much as they want without putting their health at risk.

Use An Alternative For White Rice

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White rice is considered the most popular ingredient of Chinese cuisine. There are several Chinese dishes that aren’t perfect until they’re served on a fluffy hotbed of white rice. Unfortunately, white rice can cause severe blood sugar spikes, which are particularly harmful to those with diabetes. If you do want a nice bowl of rice to accompany your Chinese dishes, choose brown rice and limit your portion size. Brown rice contains magnesium. Magnesium makes the body use insulin more effectively, hence making it a better rice alternative than conventional white rice. But brown rice, on the other hand, is usually higher in carbohydrates than white rice, so it is important to consume it in smaller portions. A cup of brown rice is the ideal serving size for diabetics. If you notice that this tiny serving of rice isn’t filling your stomach, consider supplementing it with high protein vegetables.

Sushi Rolls

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Sushi is a very popular Chinese cuisine that is ideal for a quick snack or even a wholesome meal. One of the risks sushi poses for diabetics is that they are often covered in a rice layer which is particularly harmful to those with diabetes. Thankfully, you can also take advantage of a good plate of sushi with some innovative methods without caring about the amount of rice you consume. A bowl of cauliflower rice may be substituted for white rice. This may seem like a peculiar way to make sushi, but cauliflower has become a very common substitute for rice around the world these days. Another choice is to strip the rice factor entirely and simply wrap the sushi in the exterior layer of seaweed or to add a vegetable substitute of your choice. In the combination with any leafy Greens, healthful fats of sushi fish are of extraordinary benefit for diabetics and make this a great food for their daily diet, as long as the level of rice is reduced or omitted.

Steamed Dumplings

Another very popular Chinese dish is Dumplings. Moderation is incredibly critical for all food items, but because people with diabetes need to be aware of what they consume, eating the right food items becomes even more difficult. Usually, dumplings are packed with a lean protein and different vegetables like bok choy, scallions, and mushrooms. Pork is the traditional protein choice. However pork isn’t really the right choice for diabetics. A seafood dumpling filled with shrimp, or chicken, may be substituted for those with diabetes. Another crucial fact for this recipe is that steamed dumplings should be consumed rather than pan-fried dumplings. Dumplings can also be moderately rich in carbohydrates. As a result, one should limit themselves to four dumplings or less and complement the meal with some high protein vegetables to help fill up the stomach.


By making minor modifications to traditional Chinese recipes, diabetes patients can still eat their favourite meals without jeopardising their wellbeing.

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