Diet Plan For Diabetes Patients

good foods for diabetics

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder that affects the way our cells turn on sugar in our bloodstream. A diet plan for diabetics is more prudent to ensure that it’s not starch, grains and sugars are being taken. As stated by some experts there have been several types of research regarding changing the lifestyle of diabetes patients with the diet control mechanisms. Diabetes is commonly caused due to obesity. Studies indicate that how much fat you have around your waist or any other place can predict whether you are highly prone to get diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or not. Here are some guidelines for good foods for diabetics  (low carbohydrate diets for diabetic patients).

1) Diet Plan For Type 1 Diabetic Patients:

Diabetes Patients

A small study was conducted on obese people by giving them low carbohydrate diets which show a reduction in weight, waist size and blood pressure. so good foods for diabetics must not include a large number of carbohydrates

A randomized crossover study by Johnston et al., 2005 reported that how a low carbohydrate diet can significantly lower the level of sugar or glucose present in the bloodstream of obese adults. The insulin requirement decreased by more than 50%. Only two weeks on this dietary plan brought about significant changes in health status. This research states that it is very important for diabetic patients to decrease their carbohydrate intake every day since it has more impact than expected.

2) Diet Plan For Type 2 Diabetic Patients:

Diabetes Patients

The concerned medical practitioners also suggested some healthy habits like having less fat intake, daily exercising and loss of weight so as to control diabetes mellitus successfully. According to a study published by Diabetes Care in February 2007, scientists stated that consuming large quantities of dietary fiber and low glycemic carbohydrates decreases the diabetic risk.

3) Other Benefits Of Low Carbohydrate Diet:

This research also highlighted the fact about good foods for diabetics that a low carbohydrate diet is also effective in reducing body mass index (BMI), lowering triglyceride levels and increasing insulin sensitivity. Apart from this, people who follow such diets can easily decrease their number of medications which they need to take for treating diabetes mellitus. The benefits mentioned here are just few amongst many others which can be achieved by following a proper diet plan for diabetic patients.

As we know we have two types of diabetes i.e., type 1 and type 2 so it becomes important for diabetics to understand their health status before following any diet plan.

People who are obese, overweight or have high cholesterol levels should first try some exercise for weight loss. Weight control is very important because more obesity means more chances of getting diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

If you are lean and still suffer from diabetes mellitus then your best shot will be consulting a dietician or some professional nutritionist to know about good foods for diabetics so as to improve the quality of your life and dietary habits. Remember: The things we take in can either make us healthy and fit or they can cause lifelong diseases which cannot be cured easily . 

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