Gestational Diabetes: High AM Blood Sugar Levels

High Blood Sugar Levels in the morning with Gestational Diabetes

Anyone that has gestational diabetes or any other type of diabetes should constantly and regularly keep on monitoring their blood glucose levels to maintain their health and to avoid further complications associated with it.

In gestational diabetes, you need to be even more particular about your blood sugar levels as it is associated not only with yours but also with your baby’s health and growth.

Gestational Diabetes And Blood Sugar Levels

Gestational Diabetes: High AM Blood Sugar Levels

This condition occurs during pregnancy but is not caused due to the inadequacy of insulin. It is caused because the hormone made by the placenta prohibits the body from using insulin the way it should and due to which the blood sugar starts depositing in the blood instead of the cells. These symptoms are seen only during pregnancy. After pregnancy, a woman may have normal ranges of blood sugar levels.

In gestational diabetes, it is generally a recommendation by the doctors to check blood sugar levels before breakfast and after every meal. Many times during pregnancy high blood sugar occurs in the morning. There can be many reasons for this, out of which one can be a Somogyi effect. This condition is also termed as “rebound hyperglycemia”. For any diabetic patient, the cause of high blood sugar in the morning can be due to these two effects- Somogyi and the dawn phenomenon.

Somogyi Effect

This effect takes place when there is mismanagement in the diabetic routine. This means- it occurs when the patient takes too much or too little dose of advised insulin. It can also occur if a nighttime meal is missed. In this case, the blood sugar level drops down overnight and in response to this, the body starts releasing hormone that works against insulin and leads to high blood sugar levels in the morning. This occurrence is rebound hyperglycemia as it elevates the blood sugar level overnight.

Dawn Phenomenon

To some extent, in all people, early morning blood sugar levels are high. But, in diabetic people, these levels are beetling. Unlike the Somogyi effect, it has nothing to do with the diabetic routine. It is the natural effect in which the body could not release enough insulin to counter the morning rise in blood sugar levels in the body.

This transient rise occurs overnight between 3 AM to 8 AM.

When this effect occurs during pregnancy, it can be prevented in the following ways:

  • Take insulin or advised medicines before going to bed instead of taking it in the evening.
  • Avoid intake of carbohydrate in night meal.
  • Some simple exercise after dinner or even a walk of 15 minutes.
  • Use the insulin pump overnight, if recommended.
  • Regulate your doses with your doctors from time to time.

Coming back to the management of blood sugar levels during pregnancy, it becomes necessary to maintain your levels in order to avoid hyperglycemic or even hypoglycemic symptoms. In order to give birth to a perfectly healthy baby, you need to make some changes and follow a healthy lifestyle. Here are some key steps that you can consider to make your pregnancy healthy:

Gestational Diabetes: High AM Blood Sugar Levels
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Manage your weight.
  • Take proper medicines and insulin as advised.
  • Regular exercise or physical activity.
  • Monitoring and regulating blood sugar levels.
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