How to Design a Diabetic Diet Meal Plan

diabetic diet meal plan

You may be eating high-glycemic carbohydrates such as bread, rice and pasta, which can raise your blood sugar levels very quickly. There are some foods that you should be eating on a diabetic diet to help control your diabetes.

Great For Diabetics

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Vegetables such as green, leafy vegetables, eggplant, and zucchini are great for diabetics because they contain fiber, which can lower your cholesterol. Many of the vegetables that are available in stores today also have high-fiber content. You should also eat plenty of non-starchy vegetables such as onions, garlic, and potatoes. Other foods to avoid with a diabetic diet meal plan include white flour products, sugar-rich foods, fried foods, and salt.

In addition to vegetables, some fruits are good choices as well. Apples are good for diabetics because they are low-glycemic foods, have a reasonable amount of fiber, and have a fairly high level of potassium. Some fruits that are good for your diabetes include blueberries, pears, strawberries, and peaches. These fruits can also help lower your blood sugar levels because they contain vitamins A and C, which help regulate insulin sensitivity. Some healthy fats to include are olive oil, walnuts, canola oil, and fish oil.

Other foods to eat on a diabetic food list are grains, beans, and nuts. All of these foods have a reasonable level of fiber and can provide protein to improve your diet. You may also want to add low-fat dairy products such as yogurt, low-fat ice cream, and low-fat cottage cheese. Other healthy foods to include are seeds, poultry, brown rice, and bran cereals.

Look At Your Daily Food Intake

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To create a well-rounded diabetic diet meal plan, you need to look at your daily food intake. You should also consider portion sizes. Your goal should be to keep your meals and snacks in moderation. You should also check your carbohydrate intake. Too much carbohydrate consumption can cause your blood sugar levels to rise. You should choose complex carbohydrates such as bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, and cereals for your carbohydrates instead of refined grains, white bread, cookies, and candy.

Exercise Regularly

In addition to eating a well-balanced diet, you should also exercise regularly. Exercise will help you burn calories, improve your muscle tone, and increase your metabolism. If you combine a good diabetic diet meal plan and regular exercise, you can get your blood sugar levels back on the right track in just a few weeks. This is the best way to avoid complications from diabetes.

Summing Up

In order to create a healthy meal plan for your family, you need to take into account the type of meal you are serving, the amount of food you’re putting in your mouth, how often, and the portion size. For example, if you’re serving a large lunch or dinner, be sure to provide plenty of vegetables and a variety of foods that can be served as snacks. A small serving of healthy fats will help you keep your blood sugar levels stable.

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