Hyperglycemia Patients And Desserts They Can Eat

What Desserts Can Hyperglycemia Patients Eat?

Hyperglycemia is a state of diabetes which is triggered when the blood sugar levels in the human body get too high. Blood sugar raises high because cells in the pancreas do not produce enough insulin or are not able to utilize insulin for energy retention in the body. In many cases, both of these possibilities occur.

Issues with insulin make the sugar levels in the body to imbalance and thus, it proves that the misconception in people’s minds that diabetes is caused due to intake of sugar is somewhat erroneous. To some extent, it has been proved that carbohydrate intake leads to high sugar levels. Therefore, if you are diagnosed with diabetes, you must balance the carbohydrate intake in your diet.

Sugary foods are not harmful if they are consumed in a moderate amount. You must understand how it will affect your sugar levels.

Sugar Substitutes

Sugar substitutes, which are in trend nowadays, can also be used for diabetics. Sugar substitutes are the artificial sweeteners that have no calories and are absolutely safe to use for diabetics but in a small amount. In fact, they are used by many to control weight as well as for carb cutting. Most importantly, these sweeteners can help you to control cravings for sweet treats.

These sugar substitutes are generally in baked foods, diet drinks, frozen desserts, light yogurt, chewing gum, and diet drinks. They can also be added to your daily food-stuffs like coffee, tea, cereals, vegetables, and fruits.

These sweeteners are very much stronger and sweeter than sugar and thus a little amount is required to be added into your foodstuffs.

Hyperglycemia And The Role Of Simple Sugars

Hyperglycemia Patients And Desserts They Can Eat

You might have observed many food labels with different names that are not sugar but are simple sugars. These simple sugars are carbohydrates that are naturally in many food sources like milk, fruits, and vegetables. They are as sweet as sugars. Few of them are:

  • Fructose
  • Dextrose
  • lactose
  • Glucose
  • Agave nectar
  • Sucrose

To your knowledge let me add this that, these simple sugars have no sugar but carbohydrates that can raise your blood sugar. These substitutes are in most of the fancy eatables that almost all of us die for- like cookies, pies, puddings, cakes, ice-cream, and other desserts.

Sometimes, our body can’t process these added sugars quickly and thus may end up with hyperglycemia. However, some of these simple sugars are easy to digest, more than simple carbohydrates and thus regulate blood sugar levels more easily and quickly.

Thus, few of these simple sugars will let you be within your controlled carbohydrate level for a day and if eaten in a moderate amount can save you from the negative impact of blood sugar levels.

Desserts For Diabetics With Hyperglycemia

Hyperglycemia Patients And Desserts They Can Eat

You can enjoy these diabetic-friendly desserts which you can easily prepare it for yourself using or without using these simple sugars:

  1. Sugar-free homemade popsicles
  2. Graham crackers with honey and nut butter
  3. Angel food cake with cream, egg whites, any of the simple sugars, and all-purpose flour.
  4. Granola with oats, egg white, sesame seeds, and almonds.
  5. Crunch granola with honey and rolled oats.

Remember, despite being alluring and delightful sugar-free stuff, intake of such desserts should have limits as they have carbohydrates in it that may increase your calories and blood sugar levels.

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