Metabolic Syndrome And What To Know

Which Conditions Occurs Together in Metabolic Syndrome? Know Risk of Complications

Metabolic syndrome is the risk factor that raises your chances of complex and serious disorders or illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. These conditions may arise due to fluctuations in blood sugar levels in the body, blood pressure levels, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and excessive body weight and fat all around the waist.

When there are some biochemical changes in the metabolism of the human body or in the normal functioning of the body, the following metabolic risk factors arise.

Risk Factors Of Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome And What To Know

Fat around waistline: When there is an excess of fat around the waistline, it is considered to be abdominal obesity. This condition is at high risk for heart disease than any other part of the body.

Triglyceride Level: When these levels reach high, it is considered to be the fat around the blood which is also another greater risk factor responsible for heart problems.

Cholesterol Level: HDL, which is also called good cholesterol, helps to remove the excess of cholesterol from the blood but, when these levels go low they are at high risk of heart disease.

High Blood Pressure: When our heart pumps, the force by which the blood is accelerated against the wall of the arteries is known as blood pressure. When this pressure is heightened or when the blood pressure raises high there is a risk of heart failure, heart attack or plaque buildup.

High Blood Sugar: When our pancreas could not produce enough insulin (the hormone responsible for producing glucose), the blood glucose or sugar level rises which leads to diabetes.

Rise In Metabolic Syndrome

The risk of metabolic syndrome has a high link with obesity, faulty lifestyle and very less physical activity. Along with this, Insulin resistance is also another factor that may induce the risk of metabolic syndrome. This is because of its links with high blood sugar that eventually leads to weight gain and obesity. Diabetes also occurs due to unhealthy eating habits and less physical exercise. Thus, overall, the metabolic syndrome is directly or indirectly related to your lifestyle and eating habits.

Metabolic Syndrome And What To Know

Looking at today’s style of living and eating practices, this metabolic syndrome is becoming very common and the risks of serious chronic diseases are rising day by day. The rise in obesity is thus, the major reason influencing all serious problems associated with this Syndrome. In the coming years, the rate of metabolic syndrome is going to hit more than any other leading risk factors.


The only thing that can be done to prevent the situation is by bringing drastic changes in lifestyle and eating habits. Controlling this syndrome should be the most basic and prime responsibility and with associated efforts and teamwork (with the health care experts) it should have good regulation.

Every parent, right from childhood, should build in their children, the awareness of healthy eating, health-care and knowledge about associated risk factors.

Children are the future of the world and if changes can be brought in these youth, the whole world can change and get diverted towards a healthy living. 

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