Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Elderly People

normal blood sugar levels for elderly

Normal blood sugar levels for elderly are necessary to prevent serious complications during the senior years, such as diabetes. If blood sugar levels are too high, some important functions in the body are impaired. Some examples are the ability to metabolize glucose, protein, and fat. Blood glucose level also affects the brain’s nerve and cardiovascular functions. Excessive levels of blood sugar may also lead to confusion, weakness, dizziness, fainting, sweating, and unconsciousness.

Normal Blood Sugar Levels Should Be At Least 40%

Blood sugar level should be at least 40% of the normal blood sugar level range for an adult. However, if the blood sugar level is still high when the patient becomes hypoglycemic, it can be a sign of complications. Hypoglycemia is a condition where low blood sugar causes an abnormal rise in blood pressure or constriction of the arteries. The increased nervous system activity can result in dizziness, lightheadedness, dry mouth, sweating, dry skin, cramps, and difficulty in swallowing. The diabetic symptoms may not appear all the time. However, continuous presence of these symptoms is enough to alarm the person that the diabetic condition has become worse.

Hypoglycemia can be the result of many factors. According to experts, some people are genetically predisposed to this condition. Other factors include the use of certain medication, unhealthy eating habits, obesity, diabetic medications, and unhealthy lifestyle. There are two main ways to regulate normal blood sugar levels for elderly people. One is to use prescription drugs and the other is a natural method. Both methods have their own pros and cons.

Using prescription drugs to normal blood sugar levels for elderly is often prescribed by doctors. They have a specific purpose to prevent hypoglycemia and they also have the capability to normalize the blood sugar levels in a shorter period of time. However, there are some side effects to this method. Some of them are nausea, blurred vision, headaches, dizziness, constipation, and diarrhea.

Using Prescription Drugs To Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Elderly

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Glucose meters or test strips are the other solution to regulate the glucose content in the body. It works by giving small amounts of glucose before you take your medication. The glucose meter test strips are easily available at local drugstores. Before buying, it is important to read the instructions on how to properly use the product.

Natural medication on the other hand is gaining more popularity. It usually contains natural ingredients such as grape seed extract, turmeric, licorice, and cinnamon which help in restoring normal blood sugar level. Amongst the ingredients, the licorice is the most important ingredient as it has the ability to increase insulin production.

Natural medication should only be taken as an adjunct to a healthy and well-balanced diet and exercise. It should never replace the need to take medications prescribed by your physician. It is best to follow your doctor’s advice and guidelines when it comes to your glucose level. Do not try to solve your problems on your own as doing so can lead to various side effects.

Eating Regular Food And Snacks That Are Rich In Carbohydrates

Normal blood sugar levels for elderly people should be achieved by eating regular food and snacks that are rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Avoid eating anything that is high in sugar. While living a diabetic diet, do remember to take in some sweets from time to time. Your diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables.

As far as snacks are concerned, try to keep your intake of sweets to a minimum. You can eat fruits like banana, grapefruit, and apples in small quantities to increase the amount of glucose in your bloodstream. This will help in normalizing your sugar levels. You should also avoid candies, chocolates and those types of foods that contain white flour. If you want to have some sweet treats at night, you can always go for those products which are made from natural ingredients and do not contain any artificial ingredients.

One important thing about having normal blood sugar levels for elderly people is taking regular exercise. Exercise has been known to boost the release of insulin in our body. Regular exercise also helps in burning fat, which causes accumulation of sugar. In this way, exercising helps to normalize your blood sugar levels in a natural manner. Exercise also keeps you fit and ensures that you do not gain weight while following a diabetic diet.

Summing Up

In conclusion, normal blood sugar levels for elderly people can be maintained with the help of some simple tips. The first tip is to have more sweet snacks during the day. The second tip is to go for natural sugar substitute products which do not cause any side effects. The third tip is to maintain an exercise schedule and to get regular physical activity. These tips are sure to help you in normalizing your blood sugar levels in a natural manner.

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