Sugar Detox: Reset Your Body And Mind!

Sugar Detox: Reset your body and mind!

Sugar detox is a way of recouping your body to its normal state by getting your blood sugar levels balanced. Fixing our unbalanced and broken digestion or food system is one of the major concern nowadays. This is an approach through which you can curb your cravings for sugar and other foods that are unhealthy and perilous for health.

Sugar Detox Procedure

Sugar Detox: Reset Your Body And Mind!

As we all know, excessive intake of sugar is not a sweet thing at all for our health and well-being. Despite knowing this, we overload our body by consuming loads of hidden sugar in some or other form which is actually very harmful to our health.

Previously, there was a misunderstanding about the FAT that, it makes you overweight and is not healthy for one’s health but the truth is- fat is not that deleterious for our health as sugar is. Sugar in any form can harm the human body as it can cause a number of illnesses like dementia, type 2 diabetes, depression, heart problem, infertility, and impotence like issues.

How To Start With A Sugar Detox Of The Body?

For this, you will have to be ready for 5 to 6 days as in just 5 days your body will surely show the difference. Avoid the days in which you are busy with some dinner plans or parties with your friends or families. Throughout the process, it is better you cook your own food and eat them at home than outside.

A very important thing, just want to discuss here is –while following any changes in your lifestyle or your body, it is very important that you think it positively and in a different way. Just do not think that those days are restrictive and are going to be difficult for you. Think of how nourishing and healthy you can make it in order to fuel it. Keep on appreciating yourself each day as in this way you will help yourself to keep your self-keeping alive by being enthusiastic towards the approach.

Here are some tips on what to eat and what not throughout Sugar-Detox Process.

Stay Hydrated Throughout The Way

Sugar Detox: Reset Your Body And Mind!

Keep your body hydrated by drinking a lot of water. I know, for some people this may be a humdrum business. No worry, because here is the solution for this problem also- those who want to make it more delightful and engaging they can add flavors to their water glass by adding fresh fruit with mint leaves in it or cucumber slices with added sprinkles and so on.

Eat Roasted Food

It is believed that roasting food items or vegetables can actually make it sweet. In this way, you can curb your cravings for sugar in a better and a healthy way. You can do this by cutting vegetables into slices and coating them with a little amount of oil. After that, you can sprinkle your favorite sprinkles and salt on it and bake it on a baking sheet. Roast until they are somewhat browned on the end sides.

This is just an idea. You can add your ideas and innovations to make it delightful and satisfying.

Eat Little Snacks In Between Meals

Instead of eating readymade food items that are loaded with sugar like shakes, smoothies and granola bars consider taking light items like rice-cakes, pop-corns, and celery sticks. Smoothies can also be a good option if it is made with fresh fruit, veggies, milk or by adding simply yogurt.

Add Spices

Spices can be a better option to replace sugar. Sprinkle your favorite food items with spices like pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, black peppercorns, nutmeg, or cumin.

The reason is, when you add sugar and salt to your food, a lot of flavors are lost, the key to bring real taste to your food is by adding different spices.

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